• About Loveable Scoundrels

    Loveable Scoundrels is an entertainment production company that creates broadcast, cable and online content. We produce programming built around characters who are outrageous, dynamic and … more

    About Loveable Scoundrels
  • Jon Kroll

    Jon Kroll is CES (Chief Executive Scoundrel) of Loveable Scoundrels. He also works with other companies as an Executive Producer/Show Runner. AMERICAN GRIT is his most recent show an Executive … more

    Jon Kroll
  • Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes

    We recently produced a series for Stan Lee's "World of Heroes" channel on youtube. Here's a link to the first episode: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqens1oPV-8 … more

    Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes
  • Flipping Vegas

    Flipping Vegas follows the always dramatic, often hilarious real-life exploits of investor Scott Yancey as he works hard to turn a profit remodeling and flipping houses in the turbulent real estate … more

    Flipping Vegas
  • Big Baboon House

    A small town in South Africa is overrun by a troop of boisterous baboons, so they come up with an ingenious idea: what if they build a house specially designed to study them? But when the baboons move … more

    Big Baboon House