Jon Kroll

Jon Kroll is CES (Chief Executive Scoundrel) of Loveable Scoundrels. He also works with other companies as an Executive Producer/Show Runner. AMERICAN GRIT is his most recent show an Executive Producer with FOX TV.

Recent Shows

Bullseye – FOX TV
BullseyeBullseye is an exhilarating one-hour unscripted challenge series on Fox, hosted by Kellan Lutz. The show challenges four men and four women to test their bodies and brains in three ultimate challenges that ask nothing more than for them to hit the bullseye – literally.  Bullseye’s fierce “weekend warriors” participate in three levels of extraordinary challenges, all of which involve using their bodies like human darts to hit targets – on land, sea and air. The competitors’ ability to defy gravity and the laws of physics, while maintaining their focus, could mean the difference between going home empty-handed …or up to $50,000 richer.
American GritAMERICAN GRIT is a new 10-episode competition series on Fox starring WWE Superstar John Cena. Sixteen of the country’s toughest men and women are split into four teams as they work together to face a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges. Cena and an elite group of mentors from the nation’s most exclusive military units push these civilians beyond their limits.  AMERICAN GRIT embodies the military ethos “no man left behind,” because only the first team to complete the challenges together is safe from elimination. Each episode will culminate in “The Circus,” a punishing, endurance-based obstacle course designed to break the weakest competitors. With up to a million dollars of prize money at stake, this is the ultimate test of strength, grit, the human spirit and most importantly, teamwork.

Past Shows

Jon Kroll’s Bio

Jon Kroll has directed three feature films and produced dozens of television programs, including “The Amazing Race,” for which he was honored with a 2004 Primetime Emmy Award. For four years, he was Executive Vice President, Original Programming, for New Line Television. After leaving, he formed Loveable Scoundrels, Inc., a multimedia company that has produced shows for MTV, Spike, A&E, Lifetime, NatGeo, YouTube and Animal Planet. In addition to his producing, Kroll is an Adjunct Professor for USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

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