I’m Breaking Up with My Religion

True Life: I'm Breaking Up with My ReligionTrue Life: I’m Breaking Up with My Religion reveals the spiritual journeys of three young adults who leave their families’ religions and join new faith communities despite strong objection and pressure from family and friends. We watch three prospective converts “come out” to those whom they are most afraid of losing and then face bold, life-changing conversion rituals.


Nathan is a 22-year-old Evangelical Pastor’s son who was raised in Texas and now faces the daunting reality of having to admit to his family that he no longer believes in God and is becoming a Buddhist.

Blind 18-year-old Lupita must tell her devout Catholic parents that she is practicing Wicca because she wants a female-centric spirituality rather than Catholicism that rejects her newfound homosexuality.

Lauren is a 23-year-old who is taking classes to become Catholic and must deal with the rift it is causing in her life because her own mother has bitter and angry feelings about Catholicism due to being shunned after a divorce.