Pink Collar Crimes (CBS)


A soccer mom who drops her kids off at school and robs banks…in her adorable red mini-van. A PTA volunteer who steals bake sale money…to fund her fertility treatments. A coupon-clipping housewife who concocts a counterfeiting scheme…to the tune of $40 million.

These are just a few of the felonious females you’ll meet on “Pink Collar Crimes,” an outrageous, unprecedented true crime series that will make you forget everything you think you know about the American criminal landscape. Inspired by one of the fastest growing crime waves in the country and hosted by Marcia Clark, the prosecutor from the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial,  “Pink Collar Crimes” tells impossible-to-believe, often downright absurd true stories about housewives-gone-wild who take big risks, pocket big cash… and then serve hard time in the joint.

Get ready for “Pink Collar Crimes” to break into your living room. Because orange may be the new black… but PINK is definitely the new orange!

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